Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Before and After Hunter's Surgery

Quite the transformation! The swelling has gone down quite considerably in the last few days. Hunter had his follow up with the doctor on Tuesday and he was very impressed with Hunters lip and how it was healing. There are still are a few dissolvable stitches that are in his lip but it's amazing the job they can do! 
I am definitely getting used to his new lip.  It still throws me for a loop early in the morning when I go to feed him. It's like I have a new baby. 


  1. That side by side picture comparison is unbelievable. It has been quite the transformation, physically. But look at the way he is smiling, his body language, and his happy disposition. The very same, sweet little boy...happy to be with his mama!

    1. It is pretty crazy his little lip change but he is 100% the happy boy I remember before his surgery! Im so thankful!