Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Halloween and everything in between! Hunter 7 months old :)

Hunter's 1st Halloween was so fun! He was so cute in his little bear costume!

By mid October our deck and fence were all finished!! What a long process but so worth it! We are so happy with the results!

Our Deck and fence are finally complete!

7 Months old!!!

Relaxed baby!

Over thanksgiving our sister-in-law Carli took some really nice family photo's of us on Kelly's parents land with their horses. We are so grateful for these shots, they are just fantastic moments!

Kobi is camouflage 

Like father like son?

Watching daddy play basketball!!

Every friday at 1pm is a drop in Baby Gymnastics session at our local rec centre !! It is so awesome!! Hunter just LOVES it!!

Baby Darth Vader- we were looking for a storm trooper outfit but couldn't find one in infant size so Darth it was and oh how cute he was! The cutest villain ever!

Hunter 5 and 6 months old!

Okay, wow have I dropped the ball! Im going to try and catch up from September! Shouldn't be a problem right? Only 2 months of catch up to do…. :S! I also realized I forgot to blog about my birthday. Which was August 15, i turned 27. Hunter and I went to the zoo with our friend Kassy and her little girl Lola. Lola is 2 months younger then Hunter.

Getting excited for the zoo!!

(peek-a-boo t-rex I see you)

It was a little cold in the penguin environment, Hunter wasn't too impressed!)

September 2013

September was a very busy month! Hunter is 6 months old. Starting solid foods, which was a adventure and a half. We built our deck and one side of our fence, which took up a lot of my time doing errands and such, gathering supplies that we were lacking from the hardware store. I felt like Hunter and I were driving into the city every day for a month! Which is no exaggeration, we did.  We planted a Spruce tree, which we dug up from Kelly's parents house. They live on a lot of land so we picked a tree we liked and transplanted it to our yard! And it is so cute! I have it decorated with christmas lights as we speek and I LOVE it!!

(My friend Vickie's bar call to be a lawyer, evening party in her parents backyard)

(Hunter LOVES Baby Einstein) 

Bath time!

Visiting daddy at Cochrane Toyota!

Walk at the off leash park in Canmore!! Could it get anymore stunning!

6 months old!!

Diaper Derby- Hunter wasn't totally impressed he was woken up from a nap to attempt crawling *_*

Augering holes for the deck and fence!

notice the little helper in the window as the deck is being built by Kelly and his dad.

Doesn't like Bananas