Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cloth Diapering!

I get this a lot, and that is, "Im brave" for doing cloth diapers. It really isn't that hard or as scary as people may think it is. I use diapers called "g diapers." They are a hybrid diaper that uses both disposable liners and cloth. When we are at home we use the cloth inserts and when out and about we us the disposable. They are super eco-friendly and easy on Hunters bum. The disposable liners you can compost, throw out, or flush down the toilet. They have no chemicals in them and degrade in 50-100 days:) I use a wet bag for the cloth which I then just throw into the wash and if needed bleach in the sun to get rid of the stains. The sun is amazing!!! Plus, he has a really cute bum in these diapers!!

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