Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer fun in the sun!!!

Lately, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Calgary! We have been going on lots of walks and just soaking up the sun. One thing we know in Calgary is it doesn't last very long so we have to take advantage of it while we can.
This past Thursday we went to my friend Nicole's cabin up in Gull Lake. We went on the dock and we went boating. It was great! Hunter dipped his little toes into lake water for the very first time and actually liked it! I was shocked! We were all prepared for a good scream but he was pretty content! He loved the boat ride too. He thought the jerky movements were just great; giving us really good smiles while it went.
Cute Lifejacket!

 Kobi had fun with his bestie too Roxy (Nicole's Black Lab)

Then, today My friend Vickie came over. We went for a really nice walk around my developing neighborhood and then just lounged on my front lawn with Hunter and Kobi. It was so hot out on our walk I had to strip Hunter down to his diaper, as you can see he was quite happy about that! 

Kobi is such a good big brother to Hunter, he was kissing him so much hence the look on Hunters face :)


  1. Love all these pics! He's such a little cutie in his orange diaper!

    1. Haha...Thanks Carli! He has a pretty cute bum that is for sure!