Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Canmore take 2

August 14, 2013
On Wednesday of last week Kelly had the day off so we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and try Grassi Lakes again! 
The weather was great! We made it to the top and hung out for a while enjoying the beautiful blue-green lakes and the waterfall! 
Hunter did really well! He slept the entire way up and down but was awake at the top so it worked out perfectly! 
He lakes were freezing as inviting as they were but glacier fed lakes never warm up no matter how hot it is in the summer. They are beautiful to look at though! 

 Kobi loved swimming despite how cold it was! He is a brave doggy! 

The waterfall on the way up. Since the floods the waterfall has grown to be three times what it normally was before the floods happened! Crazy what Mother Nature can do!

When we got back down we went back to the same pub "The Woods" we went to the weekend before and enjoyed a good beer and some wings before heading out to my birthday supper. My birthday wasn't Wednesday but Thursday. Because Hunter and I are going to Vancouver Island on Saturday and we are picking up my mom for the drive out at the airport on Friday and busy work schedules didn't work for my actual birthday we were celebrating it that Wednesday night!

Kobi was tuckered out! 

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