Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hunter 5 and 6 months old!

Okay, wow have I dropped the ball! Im going to try and catch up from September! Shouldn't be a problem right? Only 2 months of catch up to do…. :S! I also realized I forgot to blog about my birthday. Which was August 15, i turned 27. Hunter and I went to the zoo with our friend Kassy and her little girl Lola. Lola is 2 months younger then Hunter.

Getting excited for the zoo!!

(peek-a-boo t-rex I see you)

It was a little cold in the penguin environment, Hunter wasn't too impressed!)

September 2013

September was a very busy month! Hunter is 6 months old. Starting solid foods, which was a adventure and a half. We built our deck and one side of our fence, which took up a lot of my time doing errands and such, gathering supplies that we were lacking from the hardware store. I felt like Hunter and I were driving into the city every day for a month! Which is no exaggeration, we did.  We planted a Spruce tree, which we dug up from Kelly's parents house. They live on a lot of land so we picked a tree we liked and transplanted it to our yard! And it is so cute! I have it decorated with christmas lights as we speek and I LOVE it!!

(My friend Vickie's bar call to be a lawyer, evening party in her parents backyard)

(Hunter LOVES Baby Einstein) 

Bath time!

Visiting daddy at Cochrane Toyota!

Walk at the off leash park in Canmore!! Could it get anymore stunning!

6 months old!!

Diaper Derby- Hunter wasn't totally impressed he was woken up from a nap to attempt crawling *_*

Augering holes for the deck and fence!

notice the little helper in the window as the deck is being built by Kelly and his dad.

Doesn't like Bananas

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