Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Halloween and everything in between! Hunter 7 months old :)

Hunter's 1st Halloween was so fun! He was so cute in his little bear costume!

By mid October our deck and fence were all finished!! What a long process but so worth it! We are so happy with the results!

Our Deck and fence are finally complete!

7 Months old!!!

Relaxed baby!

Over thanksgiving our sister-in-law Carli took some really nice family photo's of us on Kelly's parents land with their horses. We are so grateful for these shots, they are just fantastic moments!

Kobi is camouflage 

Like father like son?

Watching daddy play basketball!!

Every friday at 1pm is a drop in Baby Gymnastics session at our local rec centre !! It is so awesome!! Hunter just LOVES it!!

Baby Darth Vader- we were looking for a storm trooper outfit but couldn't find one in infant size so Darth it was and oh how cute he was! The cutest villain ever!


  1. He is SO STINKIN' CUTE!!! These pics are adorable Tara :) :_

  2. Thanks Carli!! You were a big help on a couple of them!!:)